Post Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:02 am

Re: env_global custom states?

That sounds like a much better idea.

So. Say you have 16 guards, your A_Guard_Died Math_Counter would be able to count up to 16 and forward that value to a Logic_Case. The logic case (Which you may be able to hack a Global Entitie Name onto,) would then disable or enable a combine reinforcement spawn. When the Logic_Timer (Which hopefully could also hack a Global Entitie Name) goes off, it sets the value of a Logic_Branch to 1 (Which hopefully could also hack a Global Entitie Name.)
Then OnMapSpawn, a Logic_Auto tests the logic_Branch. The logic_Branch > OnTrue > activates the Spawn Relay. The spawn Relay would then tell all the spawn sites to spawn, but only the ones that were enabled by the Logic_Case would work.