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Past & Future of Type 3



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Type 3
Type 3

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Post Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:24 pm

Past & Future of Type 3

hey everybody (the 5 of us still around lol)

Just going to ramble a bit. No particular order to these thoughts. It just occurred to me that I actually missed the 10 year anniversary of launching type3studios.com. It was back in July '06. crazy. Anyway, it got me thinking about where things were, where they've gone, and where they're going. Type 3 started as a community of source modders and while the projects have tended to trail off over time, for the most part we've at least kept the community atmosphere going. These days Type 3 is kind of two things. One of them is this community, even though it's pretty small and slow going at the moment. The other is a fledgling indie development studio, even though it's pretty small and slow going at the moment. I kind of had the idea a long time ago that this is what we would be, which is why I started putting emphasis on "Type 3 Studios" and "Type 3 Civilization". My hope is that we're able to keep both of these things going. The "Studios" part I'm pretty much handling myself, while the "Civilization" part ... well, it didn't quite pan out like I hoped. I had some awesome ideas, and I got like 1/3 - 1/2 way through implementing them and partly got burned out on working on them, and partly just didn't have time to finish. Time is my most precious resource right now... never enough.

Anyway, as to the Civilization (not just the "Civilization" part of the website, but this community as a whole) what would you guys like to see here? Until recently, in the back of my mind, I was still going to implement the ideas i had: project & team management, publishing articles and project updates, and other tools to hopefully foster a development focused community. But ... does anybody even want that stuff? All of these things would take a really huge effort to construct and probably a long time, and I just can't help but wonder how useful people will find them. One thing I think I've gotten better at is breaking a large project down into smaller chunks. When I began the Civilization, I wanted to roll it out with a complete feature set which was just completely unrealistic. I could probably make a better plan these days and tackle projects little by little (though I couldn't even start until I'm done with the game I'm working on).

Another thing I was wondering about is this forum. I know we all come here from time to time, but, should we keep it? Most of the web has moved to the "Articles & Comments" format (which we also have on the civ site). I'm not the greatest at maintaining this forum. It needs version updates from time to time, and we just had a whole bunch of bots flooding the place when I logged in today. If we could do without it, I'd almost be inclined to... well, do without it. If people really like having this forum though I am willing to keep it. Maybe I could enlist some help in keeping it in tip-top running shape.

So what are the thoughts of the populace around here? Anything you'd really like to see, or anything that you don't like currently? I want to keep us going another 10 years and more, and could use your help deciding what's important and what to focus on.



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Post Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:38 pm

Re: Past & Future of Type 3

Have noticed alot of forums getting quieter over the years
take http://www.fiatforum.com/leisure-lounge/ used to be new post every min now, every few hours.

Do like the forum format but, when half is over a year old, does seem a little pointless.
the articles format sounds good, be cool if it was split screen, (we all have a minimum 24" screen now ;)) rather than up and under. Unsure on laptops for this one.
Don't like scrolling and I don't like click to read more, wow I'm awquad.
Also never been in the Civ part until this line.

looks good, unsure how to log in, will look at that tomorrow.
do feel it needs updating somehow.
my brain just shut down, and seem to be unable to finish this post. only been awake 10 hours, and got to go to bed, up in 6 hours.

Do feel its the way to go tho.
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Post Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:46 pm

Re: Past & Future of Type 3

Well, sadly I don't do any modding anymore. :t3nwha:
Really I loved helping people fix their stuff in source and would love it if there were a few noobs around asking questions. But honestly I just stick around to talk to my old friends and such. These days all my time goes into building houses, flipping houses, fixing parts of houses, odd jobs, etc.
My free time is all spent on writing my books, building my houses, and playing games now and then with friends and family. (Overwatch for the most part.)

Like you said :t3noops:
vecima wrote: Time is my most precious resource right now... never enough.

So that in mind, do whatever you like. I'll try to help if I know anything but I don't think I have much time to put up toward learning new things in order to help.
I'd still be happy to help source noobs, but it looks like those days are over. HL3 could bring them back, but I think HL3 will be VR, with maya, in another twenty years. So, source is dying. :t3ncrying:

But we still got eachother lol. Glad to talk to you guys now and then. :t3ncrazy:

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