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sounds that get triggered!




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sounds that get triggered!

alrightly, so, i'm trying to have a small area that when the player walks into it, he triggers an ambient sound to play. i've been using trigger_multiples and ambient generics, which should be ok to use. however, i can't get the sounds to play when they're triggered. :(

and yes, my volume is fine.

my ambient generics work fine when i don't try to use a trigger, so, i'm wondering what i'm doing wrong.

the output i basically use for the trigger is:

*sound name*
play/start sound (something like that)

i'm confused.


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Re: sounds that get triggered!

I'm really tired and probably not in the state of mind to give a sensable answer but here I go.

In this tutorial Anklebones shows how to make sounds go off when you jump down. Which I think is what you are wanting but Actually I've already forgotten everything you said and am wandering what I am talking about.
http://type3studios.com/civilization/tu ... _wiseSound

Plan B: Send it to me and I'll see if I can get it working tomorow... If I have time Tomorow.. I dont know whats happening tomorow.


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Re: sounds that get triggered!

Ok, if you dont get it working with Nic's tut, then use these ones:



Both of them are 2 different ways of triggering sounds, so read them both. Whatever way you want to do it one of those links will explain, so read both.

PS they say CS:S tuts but still work for HL2, because ive tested them.

Dan. :t3razz:

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