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Parenting problems



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Parenting problems

So this map I'm working on has some really crazy ideas that I'm not even sure will work. I saw Titanfall 2 do it and I kinda want to try something like that.

I'm trying to parent a brush based building to a func_door and func_door_rotating combo to move the building around. But the building won't parent to the door and the angles on the door are strange.

Am I crazy for trying something like this?
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Re: Parenting problems

Once I built a counterstrike source map that rotated now and then. (Based on those art pictures where there are stairs on walls, ceiling, floor, etc.)
You can do it. I wouldn't try it seven years ago(except I did) but I think today the average computer can handle that kind of fps bomb.
Somewhere there are options so you can 'accelerate and decelerate' the speed of the rotating door. Another way you could edit the speed for realism is with math remap and set_pos on func_rotating.
Also, I think I between func_brush and func_lod one of them was better for fps for a rotating patented brush. I think it was func_lod.

An alternative option is to throw everything that is not in the house, into the skybox, and move the skybox by hacking the sky_cam with SetParent to fake a moving house.
Or perhaps to teleport the player to a duplicate map, where things have been rotated.

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